Welcome to Instinctive DT

IDT incorporated in 2007 as a Canadian corporation offering a range of security training and consulting solutions. Our company is broken into six distinct areas.

  • Security and Law Enforcement Training
  • Healthcare Worker Safety Courses
  • First Aid / CPR and Safety Training
  • Female Self Defense Programs
  • Security Consulting
  • Security and Safety Audits

We believe that Law Enforcement & Security Officers’ possess a variety of skills and abilities and one technique will not be right for everyone. In providing goal orientated training and testing we allow the participants to succeed and increase the passing rates while maintaining higher training standards.

Blended martial arts classes include the arts of Jun Fan / JKD, Kali, Boxing, B.F. Savate, Muay Thai and others. Blending the arts provides a well-rounded training background and is an excellent physical fitness activity for people of any level. Available as Private Lessons or sign up today at Kombat Arts Training Academy.

Healthcare workers are one of the most at risk professions. Our safety programs are customizable to address your needs. We balance customer service, staff and patient safety/care to provide the best possible outcomes for all parties involved.